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Poetry and Prose
Diary Entries
September 11th
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Red Mirage

A website for truth, poetry and random thoughts.

9/5/01- Today is the grand opening of this website (applause everyone!), titled RED MIRAGE. Coincedently, it is also the first day of my school (Stuyvesant High), which happened to go very smoothly considering there are 10 huge floors to navigate. It's a good thing I saw about 20 odd people I actually KNEW from my old school, which was a relief because I didn't want to feel like the only person there who doesn't know his/her surroundings or any people. Visit this site, visit often. Any complaints, comments, or compliments etc. can be mailed to Suggestions will be appreciated. Hasta luego!

Hi everybody! (hi Doctor Mick!) I would like to give a shoutout first, to all the people who have helped me work on this site (Mickey, D-Man, Mickey D. and we can't forget Dooodoooo). Secondly, to all my friends: Karl (in H*town), Phillip (" "), Luke, William, Dan, Elisha, Jackson ("Jax" as he likes to be called) and last but not least, Jimei. You people have each helped me out in various significant ways and even if you don't think you did, you did, and I thank you for that.

"When you truly know the meaning of the word love, you will also know the true meaning of the word pain."