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September 11th
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Red Mirage
September 11th

"Don't read me a quote, I want to hear you talk."

"It's the magnitude that's so severe that even when you know it happened, it still comes as a shock to you and when you know it's true and were a witness of history, it still seems impossibly complex and staggering to believe."

-My thoughts on the 9/11/01 plane bombings of the World Trade Centers, the Pentagon and the one in Pittsburg

Impact of second hijacked plane colliding into the North Tower of the World Trade Centers.

My grievances go to all those who have perished innocently in the wake of terrorism. Victims of a horrible crime, the country has been weakened and yet also strengthened in a sense of unity the United States has never known. It's like something out of a movie, compelling and horrifying. It's the truth.

Aftermath of the horrible terrorist attack on the Twin Towers.

To hear about the deeply tragic news of terrorism striking symbolic monuments of the United States, I (and I'm sure most others agree) would like to express profound sympathy for the families who have been torn apart by this desperate act of cowardice.