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Photos etc.

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Karl, renown couch potato and Mickey's best bud

Karl, 15 year old person living in the quaint town on Houston, TX. Hobbies include tennis, soccer and the "three C's" (cars, cats and computers).

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The Extremely Unstable Human Pyramid!!

Taken near the end of my 6th grade year in the courtyard of T.H. Rogers (located in Houston, TX in case you were wondering), it is a classic example of a Kodak moment and a pyramid on the verge of falling. I was originally supposed to be the pinnacle but politely refused after I saw the wobbling hands and true to my worries, it collapsed a few seconds after the picture was taken.

Enough food to make even George Foreman happy for some time.

This is the result of our beloved Stuyvesant cafeteria after the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers. It's hard to believe, isn't it? Maybe Stuy should open a supermarket and have it look like this... Now that's an idea!


The picture above has been removed due to personal reasons.

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