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Poetry and Prose
Diary Entries
September 11th
Photos etc.
Red Mirage

"Within you I lose myself
Without you I find myself
Wanting to be lost again."

MAGIC GLADE. A premier writing website. Submit something while you're here to make it worthwhile. Out of ideas? Look to the 'Assignment of the Week' for inspirations.

PURPLESTAR. Another writing website complete with it's own chat room, message board, stories, and book reviews. In direct partnership with magicglade.

ORANGEAPPLE. Don't mind the name, it's like the html tool, WebMonkey. Cool site for articles, stories and ideas. Feel free to submit something (appropriate).

KARL'S "DESERT MOON". This dude's got serious HTML skills. Check out his amazing animation on the front page! Click to see my best friend at work and drop him a line by email if you want.

STUYVESANT HIGH SCHOOL. One of the most prestigious high schools in all of the United States, this is where my 5 hours of homework each day comes from. Visit for some very boring descriptions on very boring stuff.

The links to your left will lead you to some fascinating websites with fully-loaded images and interesting stories and/or animations. If you are not completely satisfied with the content of any of these websites, Doodley INC. will mail a $100.00 USD check (via UPS Standard Ground Insured) to you within seven business days (offer expires yesterday). Seriously though, enjoy!

Note to viewers: All links are safe of viruses (as of 9/3/1994) and also proud to be 100% "got milk?" free. Each received an "Outstanding Achievement in the Process of Basic HTML Coding Award" and are nominated for the "Best Website Out of the Ones I Like" award. So visit now and make their owner(s) happy.